Compressor Airbrush Paint - 1 Cylinder + Tube

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Airbrush Compressor - 1 Silender + Tabung

Air Compressor - Air Pump with 1 piston driving, suitable for painting (airbrush)

Small and easy to carry everywhere, there is also a 3liter air tube to hold air. Air Compressor (Air Compressor) with 2 automatic switches. the first works when the air pressure drops to 43.5 Psi and stops if the air compressor reaches 58 Psi. The second switch stops the air compressor when it reaches a pressure of 600 Kpa. The air pump does not use oil (oiless) so it is easy and practical in operation. The small, portable and mini form of wind compressors makes it easy to carry quickly. Has a low usage noise (49dB). The lowest price makes this krisbow air compressor suitable for use in paints:

  • cat model of miniature toy cars, replicas of ships, aircraft.
  • coloring helmets, nails, body parts (tatoo).
  • laboratory equipment, doctor's practice, fish (aquarium).
  • food manufacturing industry, cosmetics.
  • paint ceramic, plastic, wood, stone.
More Information
Accessories Selang Nozzle
Berat Produk 7.2 kg
Dimensi Ukuran Produk (bagian luar) 350 x 135 x 310 mm (Panjang x Lebar x Tinggi)
Voltase AC 220V
Pengukur Tekanan Udara (maksimal) Tidak Ada
Kapasitas Tabung 3.5 Liter
Aliran Udara 35-40 liter/menit
Tenaga 1/4 HP
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