80AZ telescope scope explora binoculars

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Explora scope 80AZ
80AZ telescope scope explora binoculars

In July this year, I noticed that Mars is close, not a good opportunity, and the next time is 17 years.
Cooperate with this event. Introducing this machine to friends who are new to beginners

Large-diameter refractors and celestial bodies are suitable for inspection.

Optical refracting telescope

Caliber 80azmm

Focal length 900mm

Caliber ratio F11

Attached to the eyepiece 20mm (45X), 4mm (225X)

Finder Star pointer

Limit level 12

Light collection power 131X

Coating Free Coat

Bench type

Tripod material ALUMINUM

Weight 11 Kg (With wood Packing and insurance)


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