Honda BF 250 A XD

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Honda BF 250 A XD

4 stroke engine - 250 HP / PK - Longer Shaft ( Long Shaft 25 ")

Type: XD

which means the Extra Long Shaft (25 ") is equipped with a remote and POWER TRIM capability .

It has 250 Horse power with the option to handle the Lever / Remote Control, the most economical Honda boat engine in its class. Suitable for rubber boats, aluminum, small boats. Propeller made of Stainless Steel. Can be integrated up to 4 machines with 2 drive locations.

Machine Design 4 Stroke
Honda Boat engines are famous for saving fuel without oil mixture. Save the environment.

Full Position in the Middle
Very easy to adjust the position of control to make it easier to control the boat / ship. The position of the lever, PTT switch, engine light headlights in front provide driving comfort.

Induction 3: 3
design 3 light and solid carburetor, using 1 carburetor on each cylinder. So that the Honda boat engine is more responsive, smoother responsive.

PGM Combustion System
Microprocessors accurately control combustion time. Starting from being turned on until it is used in all RPMs providing optimal operation.

Automatic Adjustment
In the electric starter, it automatically regulates the mixture of air and fuel. Facilitate the Honda boat engine turned on or heated.

Best Placement
Special rubber spare parts make Honda boat engines have minimal vibration in all speeds.

Positive Lubrication
The crankshaft resembles an automotive engine. Oil pumps keep each engine component longer, not easily damaged.

Early Warning
Honda Boat Engine Gives visual, sound warnings and reduces RPM speeds. Warn operators from overheating, oil shortages and excessive use. Prevents engine damage.

3 cooling holes
providing plenty of water keeps the engine at a safe temperature.

Corrosion protection
layers of coated paint are double closed, waterproof connectors provide protection from rust.

Discharge pit
Can be cleaned using clean water, remove dirt and seawater, out of the engine. Extend the life of the Honda outboard engine.

Easy Maintenance
The position of the filter and the cover in front, making it easy for maintenance, replacement. Cheap spare parts Reduce maintenance and repair costs.

More Information
Exhaust Through Propeller Hub (JET)
Displacement 3583cc
Max Prop Shaft Output 186 kw (250hp) @5800 r/m
Jenis Bahan Bakar Bensin / Gasoline
Shaft Length Ultra Long - 25"
Lubrication Wet Sump
Ignition System Micro Computer Programmed
Fuel/Induction System 3 Carburetor
Starting System Electric
Tenaga 250 hp / pk
Engine Type 4 Cylinder - 4 Tak / Stroke (outboard)
Full throttle rpm range 5300 ~ 6300 r/m
Dry Weight 270 kg
Alternator Output 12V - 90A (60A Charging)
Size 62 x 50 ( Width x Length)
Fuel Tank External Fuel Tank
Gear Shift Forward - Netral - Reverse
Operation Method Remote Control
Cooling System Forced Water
Propeller Material Stainless Steel
Gear Ratio 2.0 (24:12)
Trim & Tilt Method Power Trim & Tilt
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