Fire Extinguisher Capacity 1 kg

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Alat Pemadam Api Kapasitas 1 kg

Fire extinguisher is a rapid fire extinguisher caused by flammable materials.

The servvo fire extinguisher serves to extinguish the fire and prevent even greater fires caused by short-circuit or electrical short circuit, liquid oil, gas or chemical liquid. Fire extinguisher uses ABC Dry Chemical Powder media containing 90% mono ammonium phosphate which has the best ability to extinguish fire. Dry chemical powder also has a low melting point and in very dry and enlarged particles to form an oxygen barrier so that it can cover the fire area, eventually the fire will not ignite. This tube has a capacity of 1 kg and meets EN3 standards.

How to use fire extinguisher:

  • Pull the safety pin shaped like a key on the extinguisher.
  • Hold the tube and aim the hose at the point of fire.
  • Press the handle / valve lever that is usually located above the tube to remove the contents of the tube.
  • Spray on the point (source) of fire from side to side with a sweeping motion.
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