Maritime 20HP - Diesel

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Diesel / Diesel Boat Engine 15 HP

Maritime 20D01, outboard engine with a power of 20 horsepower (HP / PK). The weight of the engine is around 115 kg. Idle fuel consumption is very economical and fuel saving is only 2.5 liters / hour. Providing very large and stable power, diesel engines besides being strong and durable are also very powerful, operating costs are also cheaper because they use diesel fuel. The basic difference compared to gasoline engines is durability, the diesel engine gets hotter the engine, the more powerful the engine, so the diesel boat engine is perfect for heavy applications. Another advantage of diesel engine life is also longer than gasoline engines

Suitable for

  • Inflatable boat
  • Small boat

Ship engines are also suitable for applications

  • Government: Customs, Police, Military, which need reliable machines for long and long distances.
  • Rescue operations SAR, which requires rescue and sturdiness, where the mission has not been completed if the target operation has not been found and sometimes in severe natural conditions. Sometimes in operation also requires a machine capable of towing objects or ships to prevent damage, loss of life or greater material damage.
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Operations that require a high level of security. The use of gasoline boat engines is very dangerous and prohibited because of their flammability. The use of diesel outboard engines strongly supports oil drilling at sea.
  • Inflatable boats, gasoline fuels can dissolve rubber easily, and have flammable properties.
  • Travel, diesel fuel in addition to not easily evaporate at room temperature also does not smell compared to gasoline. Provides convenience for travel when passenger access is close to the ship's diesel engine.
  • Fish Ships, which require an efficient, fuel-efficient, high-power engine with high torque. improve fishing operations. By increasing the distance of the fishing area, high torque means more goods can be carried without reducing machine performance. In some series diesel engines have large electrical outlets so that it functions as an electric generator that helps fishermen not to need generators for their small electricity needs.
  • Harbor, requires a slow but powerful trolling machine. and precise ship maneuvering.
  • Survey, which requires stable and multifunctional boat engines, diesel engines provide great strength to face water challenges such as being caught by mangrove or garbage.
More Information
Exhaust Through Propeller Boss
Displacement 836 cc
Jenis Bahan Bakar Solar / Diesel
Shaft Length 15" / 20" / 22"
Starting System Electric - Turn Key
Tenaga 20 hp / pk
Engine Type Inline 1
Full throttle rpm range 3600 - 4000 r/m
Dry Weight 115 kg
Recommended Oil SAE 10W30 (CD Grade Above)
Fuel Tank External Fuel Tank
Gear Shift Forward - Netral - Reverse
Operation Method Remote Control / Tiller handle
Cooling System Forced Water
Propeller Material Aluminum
Gear Ratio 2.14:1 (30/14)
Fuel Consumption 25.5 litres per hour
Trim & Tilt Method Power Trim & Tilt
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