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Kasur Angin - Single

Air mattresses can be used inside or outside the room, easily pumped and deflated.

The air mattress is a spare bed that can be filled with wind. Modern air mattresses are made of PVC vinyl. Air mattresses can be used indoors and outdoors. The top of the mat is velvet coated so it is very comfortable to sleep. This mattress is easy to pump and deflate. When compared to the price of spring beds, air mattresses are the cheapest beds that are suitable to be taken anywhere.

This single mattress is suitable for:

  • Vacation / traveling - no need to add extra beds in the hotel.
  • Mattress for guests who want to stay overnight.
  • Waiting for the patient in the hospital.
  • Indoor / outdoor sports.
  • Camping.
  • Stay at a boarding house.

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