4 stroke Suzuki Boat Engine - 2 HP / PK

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suzuki DF2.5S
Suzuki outboard engine DF2.5S

engine / motor boat boat Suzuki 4 stroke, propeller DF2.5S

Engine noise makes us uncomfortable when traveling on water. Suzuki engineers worked hard to create boat engine technology with the lowest noise levels. Some customers even thought the ship's engine had been shut down while operating. Suzuki machines have long been known as quiet machines.

mesin kapal perahu suzuki DF2.5s propeller

More Comfortable Features

DF2.5 is balanced, lightweight, and easy to manage because it has a large handle. The integrated handle is located at the back of the engine cover which also helps when tilting the engine. And there are four positions that can be tilted to match the outboard engine with an individual boat and operating conditions.

Environmentally friendly

Economic Operations The four-step technology also presents a clean operation that allows DF2.5 to get the CARB 3-Star Certification for Very Low Emissions by the California Air Resources Board.

Can be used at:

  • The sea
  • River
  • Lake
  • Reservoir
  • Swamp
More Information
Displacement 68 cc
Max Prop Shaft Output 1.8 kW
Jenis Bahan Bakar Bensin / Gasoline
Lubrication Pre Mixing
Ignition System P.E.I
Fuel/Induction System 1 Carburetor
Starting System Manual Choke
Tenaga 2 hp / pk
Full throttle rpm range 5.250 - 5.750 rpm
Dry Weight 77 kg
Gear Shift Forward - Netral - Reverse
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