Yamaha Outboard 2 stroke engine - 115 HP / PK

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yamaha E115AETL
outboard engine sell boat outboard yamaha E115AETL

Yamaha E115AETL engine / outboard motor

Engine Strength:

  • High performance & economical engine
  • Overheat & Over-Rev Limiter Warnings
  • Durable piston rings
  • Robust gears

Outboard motors for propulsion systems for ships, which consist of standalone units which include engines, gearboxes and propellers or drive jets, which are designed to be affixed to parts of the boat (boat transom).

mesin kapal perahu yamaha E115AETL

For more than 30 years Yamaha has been a reliable supplier of engines for seafarers, these machines are designed to be very durable for continuous use for hours. Yamaha went through a rigorous testing process for years and produced great features.

Usage application:

  • The sea
  • Lake
  • River
  • Swamp
  • Reservoir
More Information
Displacement 1730 cc
Max Prop Shaft Output 84.6 kw (115 ps) @5000 r/m
Lubrication Pre Mixing
Ignition System CDI
Fuel/Induction System 2 Carburetor
Starting System Manual Choke
Tenaga 115 hp / pk
Engine Type 4 Cylinder - 2 Tak / Stroke (outboard)
Full throttle rpm range 4500 ~ 5500 r/m
Dry Weight 154 kg
Gear Shift Forward - Netral - Reverse
Operation Method Remote Control
Propeller Pitch Size 19"
Propeller Material Stainless Steel
Gear Ratio 2.0 (26:13)
Fuel Consumption 47 litres per hour
Trim & Tilt Method Electric
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