Safe Sentry Safe SF123ES

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Brankas Sentry Safe SF123ES

Mini safe or SF123ES safe is used to store money, valuables or important documents, of course important for office and personal needs at home.

Safes / Safes SF123ES is very useful for storing valuables such as money, gold, deposits, checks, demand deposits, diamonds, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, important documents. This safe / iron box has the best security and quality because it is equipped with a combination PIN lock and hardiness and fire resistance. Cabinets suitable for use at home or in the office. Safety box Sentry Safe SF123ES has dimensions of 45.3 x 41.5 x 49.1 cm with a net weight of 40 kg.

SF123ES Sentry Safe Features:

  • Fire resistance test for one hour up to 927 degrees Celsius.
  • Safety box hardiness to a height of 4.5 meters.
  • The safe construction is made of good quality steel.
  • Safe deposit box.
  • The storage cabinet has a removable rack.
  • Safety box can be planted on the floor.
  • There are 4 pieces of safety lock bolts.
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