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BMC - Y30T

The Smallest Portable Mini Size Ventilator The Lowest Price

The BMC Y-30T ventilator is the most portable, small respiratory device. Weighing only 1.5 kg and 2.5 if using an air humidifying machine (humidifier)

Have FDA, CE, ISO certification

This ventilator is included in the category of NIV Non-Invasive Ventilator which can be connected with a naturally closed mask, nasal breathing tube or helmet to help with breathing.

The ventilator machine (Medical Ventilation machine) can function as

  • Treatment, to prevent complications, treat underlying illnesses, prevent infections and provide support to other body organs.
  • Respiratory assistance, which requires oxygen therapy ( oxygen ) as well as high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy. It can also function as a first aid kit before using invasive ventilation aids.

BMC portable ventilator is equipped with an air humidifying machine (humidifier) which has the function of protecting the engine when there is a lack of water during the evaporation process. Spare parts on the ventilator that are easy to clean and service. The oyxgen air regulation process is equipped with 8 sensitivity levels which help the medical ventilator to work optimally.

This medical breathing aid is very easy to use with the support of digital data stored in SDCard and can be connected with a GPRS connection to the icloud system so that it can be monitored from anywhere by anyone in need. Can be connected to mobile phones for easy monitoring and operation.

Screen 3.5 "with a display of air pressure, air currents, vte, respiratory rate, ventilator rate per minute, Leaks, Inspiration time ( inspiration time ).

With support for 15 languages including English

Although small and mini, this medical ventilator has a battery backup / backup if the electricity supply is temporarily interrupted.

Because it is small and portable, this breathing aid is perfect for corona sufferers (covid-19) because when a corona outbreak is needed equipment that is easily mobilized is moved and does not take up large space and can be used easily and requires emergency medical procedures.

The package consists of

1 Engine Ventilator Machine

1 humidifier

1 Air Hose

2 Air Filters

1 Electric Adapter

1 Power Cord

1 SD Card

1 bag

1 User Manual / Ventilator User's Guide

1 Quick User Manual / Quick Use Guide

1 Key Machine

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