Rangefinder Bushnell Pro 1600 PinSeeker

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Rangefinder Bushnell Pro 1600 PinSeeker

Rangefinder Bushnell Pro 1600 PinSeeker ini memiliki dua mode pengamat berbeda.

Rangefinder Menyediakan Jarak Akurat dari 5 ydsdengan 1.600 yds.

Rangefinder Bushnell Pro 1600 PinSeeker ini memiliki dua mode pengamat berbeda. Teropong dirancang untuk memberikan jarak ke tongkat bendera sementara mengabaikan objek latar belakang yang akan memberikan pembacaan yang salah, dan mode pemindaian untuk pembacaan terus diperbarui. lapisan lensa mata dan lensa objektif multi-berlapis dan dipatenkan RainGuard ® HD antifog, memastikan pencitraan jelas bahkan dalam kondisibasah. Software secara otomatis mengenali dan mengabaikan pembacaan palsu yang dihasilkan oleh hujan. Bantalan mata 19mm membuatnya mudah digunakan untuk pengguna berkacamata. Sesuai dengan aturan USGA pada jarak-pengukuran perangkat dan dapat digunakan selama bermain turnamen. Termasuk baterai 9V dan dengan tali bahu dan tutup magnet. Memiliki built-in 1/4 "x 20 tripod mount.Dapat Menampilkan jarak dalam meter atau yard

Bushnell Pro Pinseeker 1600 Tournament Edition

Accurate Distances from 5 yds. to 1,600 yds.

A premium digital golf laser rangefinder with advanced selective targeting modes and superb optical quality. Never leave your shot short of the pin again! More modes, fewer strokes and legal for tournament play. The new Pro 1600 Tournament Edition with PinSeeker® is the ultra-accurate laser rangefinder more pros trust their game to than any other. Our PinSeeker® Technology allows for easy acquisition of the flag without inadvertently capturing background target distances. The ultimate rangefinder for tournament play and avid golfers.

This handy little unit has two distinct observing modes. PinSeeker mode is designed to provide distances to a flag stick while ignoring background objects that would provide an incorrect reading, and scanning mode for continuously updated readings. Fully multi-coated and patented RainGuard® HD antifog coatings on the eyepiece and objective lens ensure clear, crisp imaging even in wet conditions. Software automatically recognizes and ignores false readings produced by rain. Generous 19mm eye relief makes it easy to use with glasses. Conforms to USGA rules on distance-measuring devices and can be used during tournament play. Includes a 9V battery and padded case with shoulder strap and magnetic closure. Has a built-in 1/4" x 20 tripod mount. Displays distances in yards or meters.

  • 7x magnification
  • +/- yard/meter accuracy
  • PinSeekeer® Mode
  • Scan Mode
  • Built-in Rain Mode
  • Ranges 5 - 1600 yards/1465m; 400 yards/365m to a flag
  • Twist-up metal eyepiece with oversized ocular and ±2 diopter setting
  • In-view LCD display
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Rainguard HD coating
  • 100% Waterproof (IPX7 standard)
  • 100% Rubber-armored
  • Size : 43x129x94 mm
  • Weight : 343g
  • 9-volt battery and premium carry case included

Designed exclusively with the bottom of the cup in mind, this mode allows easy acquisition of the flag without inadvertently capturing background target distances. When more than one object is acquired, the closer of the two objects is shown on the LCD display
How A Laser RangeFinder Works

Our yardage Pro rangefinders use an invisible, eye-safe Class 1 Laser beam (as classified by the FDA) which is "bounced" off distant objects with the press of a button. Then, the rangefinder's high-speed digital clock measures the time it took for a laser beam to reach a target and return to the unit. Next, using advanced digital technology, the rangefinder instantly calculates the distance within +/- 1 yard and shows the range in either yards or metres on a through-the-lens LCD Display. The entire process is so fast that less than a second elapses between the time you press the button to generate a laser beam to the time the exact range to your target is displayed.


Bushnell Pro 1600 Slope Edition Review

What is the measure of success? It is range adjusted to the elevation of the target.  The Slope Edition Rangefinder is accurate, fast, stable, adjusts elevation and is waterproof.

The Pro 1600 Slope Edition doesn’t just give you the measurement, it displays how far you need to go even with an incline or decline in front of you. The Slope Edition calculates the elevation and gives a “play as” distance with elevation factored in.

With this additional knowledge the Bushnell Pro 1600 Slope Edition golf range finder will arm you with a new confidence and you will know accurately which club to choose.

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In Depth Review

Features Vs Benefits

Although the Bushnell Pro 1600 Slope Edition cannot be used during tournaments the benefits are present when playing golf on a casual basis. (If you need the Bushnell Pro 1600 Slope Edition for competitions go to this link.)  The crucial data for the elevation of the target ahead of the lie is what makes the difference between exact distance and being short or long.

The waterproof Pro 1600 Slope Edition comes with Rainguard HD protection on the optics which keeps the lens’ from fogging up and/or becoming blurry.  The maximum range for the Pro 1600 is furthest for all golf range finders in which can measure a distance from 5 – 1,600 yards / 1,463 meters.  Of course there are environmental factors in which will be described further down this report.

Even if it is the cream of the crop for golf range finders it is also one of the bulkier ones as well.  Sizing up at 1.7″ X 5.1″ X 3.7″ with a weight of 12 ounces it will take two hands to steadily hold when gunning for measurements especially at farther distances.  In some cases it is better to be more compact but if you want accuracy and distance the Pro 1600 is purposely designed to be more of a handful so that your hands can wrap around the horizontal optics, like binoculars and easily take a look around at the differing targets desired.

Also included is a 2 year warranty. Nice.

Fast, Easy and Accurate

The measurement accuracy for the Pro 1600 Slope Edition is plus or minus one yard / meter.  This is case for all Bushnell however the maximum distance is what separates the Pro 1600 SE and TE (Tournament Edition) from the rest of the pack.  So I’ve told you that maximum range is 1,600 yards / 1,463 meters however this depends on the type of object as well.

Remember that all range finder technology has really advanced this past 10 years where measurements used to be difficult to receive unless there were some type of reflective objects available it would be difficult to get a consistent and quick reading. So with that there are generally 3 different types of ranges which will be listed below with the distances included:

1.  The maximum range to the flag is about 400 yards.

2.  The maximum distance to most other objects is about 1,000 yards.

3.  The maximum distance to highly reflective targets is 1,600 yards.

Remember, the Pro 1600 is what most PGA tour professionals use so you really cannot go wrong with these capacities.

Moving on ,like previously stated a few paragraphs above, environmental factors are a factor to put it redundantly. The maximum distance will vary depending on a number of variables like:

  • Color (red is better, black is worse)
  • Surface Finish (the more reflective the better)
  • Shape and size of the object being targeted
  • Angle of the target (The target surface being perpendicular to the laser is best)
  • Lighting conditions (overcast is better and too much sunlight lessens the max. range)

Ease of Use


Because of the adjustable eyepiece the Pro 1600 can be used with your glasses/sunglasses on or off whatever you choose.  The Diopter Adjustment is +/- 2 which allows to focus the LCD display relative to the view through the optics. Just rotate the diopter to focus.

The optics are 7X (which is the highest amongst all present day golf range finders) and make it easy to measure those longer distances on the Par 5′s.

It is quick and accurate which is what the Pro’s need and the average golfer can enjoy (of course with the side benefit of the Slope feature).

Target Modes

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. There are 3 modes of operation for the Pro 1600 Slope Edition.  They are:

1.  Scan Mode – is where the “trigger” power button is continuously pressed as the golfer slowly pans the horizon amongst different targets where the LCD will also continuously display the differing distances measured.  This mode allows the maximum amount of distance measurement to 1,600 yards with the right type of target.

2. PinSeeker Mode – is a proprietary mode designed by Bushnell to specifically target the flag in which the golfer would briefly press the “trigger” power button  slightly back and forth between the flag and the brush behind.  The Pro 1600 calculator would automatically choose the closer distance and display it.

3. Slope Mode (with or without PinSeeker) – is where the angle of attack is considered into the calculation of range measured.  The hillier the golf course the more helpful the slope mode will be.  The golfer must stay very still when pressing the “trigger” power button for the Pro 1600 to calculate the correct angle.  After calculations are completed the LCD will display two distances. The measurement above the lower measurement is the actually distance.  The measurement displayed at the bottom of the LCD viewfinder has an ” ” indicator which means to “play as” factoring in the elevation.  So basically go with what the bottom measured distance displays otherwise you could end up short or long depending on the lie.

Pros and Cons

Pros are the size which attributes to the stability of the device when aiming for targets.  The maximum range is one of furthest in the industry and the Bushnell Pro 1600 Slope Edition is accurate and easy to use. Of course being the Slope Edition gives an even more accurate distance when choosing the right club for the shot.  Also note that the battery is a 9-volt type which is cheap to replace and the Pro 1600 is considered to last a long time (meaning 1 year) before a replacement battery is needed. Having an extra battery while running through the course wouldn’t hurt either.

Cons are you don’t have a map like a GPS rangefinder so you can’t get a birds eye view of the hole.  This is really one of the top golf range finders so it is difficult to pinpoint anything wrong with it.

More Information
Carrying case Included
Magnification / Objective Size (mm) 7 x 26
Flag 400 yds
Dimensi Ukuran Produk (bagian luar) 9 x 8 x 4 inches
Compatible with Magnetic Attachment Accessory No
BullsEye No
Built-In Tripod Mount No
Brush No
Bow Mode No
Tipe Baterai 9 Volt Included
Battery Life Indicator No
ARC (Angle Range Compensation) No
Pinseeker Mode Yes
Vertical Configuration No
Weight 12.1 oz / 343 g
Variable Sight-In Distance (VSI) No
Trees 1000 yds
Rifle Mode No
Reflective 1600
Ranging Accuracy + / - 1 Yard
Cakupan 5-1600
Dimension 1.7 x 5.1 x 3.7 / 43 x 129 x 94
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